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"No Problem! helped me look at my problems differently. I didn't feel stressed or overwhelmed, I was able to keep my focus on solutions. Seeing my problems in a different way opened up new solutions to me."

Jenny Chen

"Just wanted to say a big thankyou for sending me No Problem!.
Like yourself I have read dozens of inspiring books over the years, but find myself with a head full of insight and knowledge, not quite knowing how to apply what I have learnt.
Your book is a winner, and throughout my life I have always found the most powerful tools and helpers are always the things that contain great simplicity."

Rebecca Sladek

The No Problem Promise:

If No Problem! doesn't help you, simply return the book and we will refund your money, including postage.


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No Problem Journal

No Problem!: problem solving guide [.]

This is the companion book to No Problem!: How to focus on solutions. It is the practical step by step guide on how you can work through problems to form the best solution.

No Problem on CD

No Problem!: problem solving guide on CD [for your computer]

The No Problem! CD is easy for everyone to use at home or at work on your computer.

This is an easy-to-use, practical CD that you can either read by itself, or fill in on your computer. It guides you step-by-step using four simple tips to help you form solutions to your problems.

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